Dietary Change brings Change: a personal report

I have just joined Instagram few weeks ago, committing to the message of urgency and hope Sir David has given us. To bring change for my part, I decided to start by sharing my dietary transformation story. So here you go.

I come from an Italian family, moved to UK in 2008, and became a citizen in 2020. In 2013, I found myself weighing 96Kg. Eating a bit of everything, with much bread, pizza pasta, meat, vegetables too, and also lots of chocolate, cookies, cake… you know, I was also smoking and drinking a good quantity of alcohol weekly. My average swimming time was 20 minutes, my fitness was growing thinner by the year. I was getting sick quite often, with colds and tonsillitis every few months.

By chance in 2013 I decided to try out living on fruits. Watch out, it is not advisable to jump right in and eat exclusively fruits. Learn how to do it safely by joining my discussion list. I replaced my rich Italian breakfasts with fruits, and for lunch and dinners I started following a gradual transitional diet, introducing raw salads and starch-less vegetables as the main meals, removing alcohol, dairy, and meat. I stopped smoking and drinking alcohol almost at once.

In the range of few weeks I felt renewed. Few months after, I found myself weighting 76Kg, training for triathlon to the surprise of family and friends (believe me, I am not a sport fanatic, but I had so much energy growing in me, that I needed to channel it somewhere!).

My mind became more clear, with a thirst for knowledge, empathy, and interaction with family, friends, and colleagues. The energy levels throughout the day were and still are (7 years on!) exceptional, I stopped getting sick, I stopped getting drugs for sore throat and tonsillitis, my sweat and stools stopped smelling, it was all changed. I have noticed also a gradually developing change in my sense of taste and sensitivity to natural products. I became able to select foods by smell, by look, and opted necessarily for natural products for my personal care.

Once I finished my studies (I have a PhD in Sonic Arts) and alongside working as an academic in a number of Universities, in 2015 I enrolled to the College of Naturopathic Medicine London to become in 2018 a Naturopath, Iridologist, Nutritionist. The power of change I witnessed in me was such that I felt the need for studying the whole process in detail. I dived into all sorts of reading, and decided to train professionally as a Naturopath, health practitioner. In 2021, I will also obtain my further qualification in Herbal Medicine. I practice as Naturopath since 2018.

Having grown up as an academic, I also felt the need to bring this message out more formally, participating at two conferences in 2019, presenting the theme of the value of raw foods not only for the diet but for food policies implementation, ethical, and environmental. I look forward to more chances to continue doing so.

So Dietary Change is possible and brings Change at multiple levels. To encourage you, I will embarrass myself with the below ‘before and after’ pic:

There is no more time to linger on these issues. We need to get a change now. For ourselves and for the planet. And it is possible. If you want to find out more how to do it keep yourself informed and subscribe to the dedicated list, or join me on Linked-in, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

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